The Importance of Reflection

“What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.” Meister Eckhart

This year our district added online courses (stand alone, blended) to course offerings for students. A required element for students is posting a reflection of their learning for the week in a Learning Journal. We want them to understand that reflection is an important part of learning and growing, both academically and personally. In addition, developing critical thinking skills is key to deeper learning. Students have commented on it being a helpful exercise for them. Reflecting on my own experience and learning process is a powerful way for me to grow in knowledge, practice, and character, as well.   have found that I limit my learning, growth, and practice when I don’t take the time for honest reflection.  As part of the #ETMOOC course, I will be using his blog as a place to record my reflections as I go though the course. Perhaps after that, I will either use this blog to record reflections of my own learning and practice outside of the course or start another blog.

Slowing down long enough to do it can be a challenge, but I’m trying to schedule time each week to reflect and plan (daily/weekly).  I think that journaling and/or blogging will help me to be able to keep a record of some of my reflections and to share them with others.  I have certainly benefited from the reflections of others in the blogosphere.  To guide the process, I’m sure the course will have questions for me to reflect/comment on, but here are some additional questions I’m working at asking myself each week:

  1. What are three things I learned this week? Is there a truth I can apply?
  2. What goals and tasks did I accomplish this week?
  3. What did I do this week that helped me in those efforts?
  4. What is something I didn’t understand?
  5. How did I do at fulfilling my mission statement?
  6. How did I do at living out my core values and beliefs before others? How can I improve on that?
  7. Who did I encourage and support this week?
  8. What can I do next week that will help me to improve and grow?



About Sisqitman

I am an Instructional Technology Specialist for Van ISD in Van, TX. My vision is to help equip, encourage, and support teachers, students, and admin. in their use of technology in teaching and learning.
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