Drum Roll Please….the Introduction!

Hello, all. It took me awhile to finish what you will see as “The Introduction: Glenn Hervieux, Sisqitman“. I used Linoit, which provides a canvas to put different elements on, including text, pictures, video, etc. It will give you a quick picture of where I’ve come, what I value, and some of the reasons why I chose to participate in the #ETMOOC course, along with so many of you. I hope it will help give more of a “face” to who I am as “Sisqitman”. It’s been really fun getting to watch videos and post about who you are and also read the tremendous responses to the Open Course concept and engaging in kind of a really organic, topics and people from many walks of life. I think the thing I’m working on the most right now is being myself and letting that be enough. It’s a battle, isn’t it, to express ourselves and remember that it’s not about us, but about what we are able to give to others and the impact we can make in so many ways.

Okay, so here are some things I’ve been thinking about that I want to work on this year and that I’m using the #ETMOOC to jump start in my life. Here are some key goals as I enter into this unique learning experience:

Goal #1: Engage The Conversation – the ETMOOC is a platform that encourages open learning – kind of an organic learning experience – loose structure & dynamic conversations and sharing – one path to connected learning & one where I can gauge my own learning. It gives us a chance to tell our story and hear from others.
Goal #2: Explore different topics of interest with others and encourage others in the process
Goal #3: Work at trying and integrating different platforms for The Conversation – Twitter, Google +, Blogs, Email, etc.
Goal #4: Take in, but give out: Ask the questions – How am I making my learning visible? How am I contributing to the learning of others? Work at building more reflection into my work and interaction with others – recording my thoughts & experiences in a blog & push out on Twitter. As Joe Dillon (@onewheeljoe) said, take advantage of “Remixing participant reflections to support my own.”
Goal #5: Work at handling the challenge of information overload – engaging Web 2.0 apps is like drinking from a fire hose – and doing it with skill so that it’s not overwhelming, but stimulating takes practice and patience. Let’s help each other drink well.
Goal #6: Having fun being myself. Jenny Ankenbauer ‏@jankenb2 shared, “An #etmooc is an amusement park. What do you feel like doing this visit & what will you save for the next?” For me, the first session with Alec Couros @courosa was a veritable ocean of chaotic fun. And it’s been fun to just get into the flow of #ETMOOC. I’ve felt many different emotions and tried to be transparent in a healthy way. I’m working to keep it fun. So let’s ride this roller coaster and let go of the handle!

About Sisqitman

I am an Instructional Technology Specialist for Van ISD in Van, TX. My vision is to help equip, encourage, and support teachers, students, and admin. in their use of technology in teaching and learning.
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8 Responses to Drum Roll Please….the Introduction!

  1. Jodie Reeder says:

    “A veritable ocean of chaotic fun” A perfect summary of my experience in #etmooc so far. One thing I’ve learned is that there are many similarities in learning experiences echoed in the reflections I’ve read so far. This both comforts me and encourages me to continue navigating these waters.

    • bettyannx says:

      Jodie, I love that quote too and it expresses what I’m feeling. I have to keep reminding myself just to do what I can do and enjoy. Thank goodness for archives!

      • Sisqitman says:

        Jodie and Betty, this has been a fun week of exploration for me, but also has stretched me as well. It’s made me ask some questions of myself in my professional work, too, and how I approach it week to week…as “raging waters” or “a veritable ocean of chaotic fun”. Each week is a new adventure, so we’ll see how it is for us this next week! I’m glad we can encourage each other in the process.

  2. Alec Couros says:

    @jodie @glenn I really enjoyed that description as well!

    Glad to have you both part of this experience – looking forward to learning with you.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I loved the use of Linoit to introduce yourself and I’m looking forward to learning with you in #etmooc!

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  5. Glenn:

    Just discovered another aspect of what we’re all experiencing in #etmooc: in addition to using the various platforms we’re exploring to share ideas and draw inspiration from each other, we’re also traveling a bit through time since,for example, I’m finally seeing and responding to your January 18, 2013 posting nearly a month later–but it feels as if the communication is as fresh and immediate as it would have been had I seen and responded on January 18. This certainly is a most amazing roller coaster ride, and I’m glad to be sitting next to you and others (virtually) as we go careening up and down the #etmooc tracks even if we all did forget to bring those saffron-yellow robes pictured at the end of your post. Thanks for the inspiration you’re providing through your posts and the comments you’re offering in our other #etmooc watering holes.

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