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It’s My Pleasure – A Habit of Mind (and Heart) Brought to You by Chick Fil-A

This summer while traveling to Castle Rock, CO, and Tyler, TX, my wife and daughter introduced me to Chick Fil-A, a restaurant chain that specializes in chicken sandwiches and such. Not only do they serve good food, but they are … Continue reading

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My First Glance at the Common Core

As an educational technology coordinator for a high school district, having an awareness of how instruction is delivered and student learning is assessed and made visible is important.  I enjoy reading about and watching videos/webinars on current pedagogical thinking and … Continue reading

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Some Reflections on Digital Identity

With our continuing discussions about Digital Identities,@ChezVivian has written a wonderful blog post (Perfecting My Footprint in Life) exhorting us toward being authentic people online – full of character and integrity – as an extension of who we are in … Continue reading

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At the Crossroads

As I read, “I am a teacher and I am tired,” by a young teacher, I found myself remembering times when I was at the end of myself as a teacher and having to evaluate if I wanted to continue … Continue reading

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Sisqitman’s ETMOOC Takeaways

As I come to the end of the ETMOOC, I feel a sense of sadness, but also that it’s time to continue the work that was started as a result of my partnership with my fellow ETMOOCers. We dared to … Continue reading

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? A Model for Change

When I first started the ETMOOC adventure, one question I was asking was, “Can I have some new glasses, please?”  I knew I wanted to expose myself to new ways of thinking and grow in my ability to communicate, share, … Continue reading

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Scarcity in an Age of Abundance

This week has been characterized by an abundance of great teaching by the likes of Alec Couros (@courosa), Dean Shareski (@shareski), and Sue Waters (@suewaters). The Twitter feed has been rolling along and there has been an endless supply of … Continue reading

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